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Staying Memorable

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Everyone wishes they leave a gathering of people on a strong positive note, hoping one or two of those people would either become friends or follow you on social media. That is the same logic with running a marketing campaign. The goal of a marketing campaign is to make the brand memorable with a focus on the customer taking a desired action, while giving brands an identity, personality and emotion.

Marketing campaigns are often short term, promoting a single focused action via connected series of activities to deliver a desired action from the customer.

So how do you start a campaign?

Campaigns are integral to growing a business and sets apart other marketing deliverables to focus exciting the customer in creative and exciting ways. Hence why its important to build your campaign off the need of your customer as they are the foundation of the business in general.

There are multiple areas of focus that would determine a successful campaign, and they are:

  • Articulate clear measurable Goals and KPIs

  • Choose effective channels

  • How much is your marketing spend

  • Define key deliverables

  • Engage and delegate task to either internal or external team members

  • Establish a deadline

The post campaign stage is also very important as it provides insight into current activities and how to improve the next campaign. A successful campaign gives you an ROI that is proportional to the time and money invested in it.

Running a marketing campaign isn’t that hard, but if you need help navigation and attaining effectiveness, please click the link below

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